Fun with Mathematics
  1. In the numerals 0 to 99 which is the least repeated digit?
  2. There is a long queue in front of a ticket counter at a cinema theatre. When counted from both sides Rajesh is the 30th person in the queue. Then how many persons were there in the queue?
  3. Rajan, his wife and their son want to cross the river. But the ferryman was not available. There was only a small country boat. But they were warned that it was dangerous to carry more than 60 kilograms. Weight of Rajan himself is 60 kilograms. His wife's weight is 40 kilograms and that of his son is 20 kilograms. Can you tell them how to cross the river?

  4. One person has 4 sons. If each brother has one sister, what is the total number of children?
  5. 21978 is a magic number. When this number is multiplied by 4 you will get a strange result. What is it?
  6. 99 + 9 = 9 .........? We know that the above equation is not correct. But if you can fill up with a five letter word, the equation will be correct. Which one is that?
  7. One paper has four 4 corners. From this if one corner is cut off, how many corners are there?
  8. Mention a past year that has no change when put upside down?
  9. A shirt and a handkerchief together cost Rs.88. The shirt costs 84 rupees more than the handkerchief. Then what is the price of the shirt?
  10. When a bottle full of honey was weighed, its weight was one kilogram. When the bottle was weighed with half the honey, its weight was 600grams. What is the weight of the bottle?


  1. 0 {the number zero is used only 10 times }
  2. 59 persons.
  3. First of all his wife and son should go to the other bank of the river. Let his wife stay there. Son should return to this bank.Then Rajan goes to the other bank. Later Rajan sends his wife from the other bank to this bank. Atlast, wife and son again go to the other bank.
  4. 5 children.
  5. 21978 x 4 = 87912. Here 87912 is the reverse form of 21978.
  6. 99 + 9 =9 DOZEN. The five letter word is 'Dozen'.
  7. When one corner is cutted off 2 more corners are formed. So five is the answer. {3 + 2 = 5}
  8. 1961
  9. Price of the shirt - Rs.84
    Price of the handkerchief -Rs.4
    Difference in price- 84 - 4 = 80

  10. 200 grams
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