My summer vacation

Every year I spend my summer vacation with my Grandma & Grandpa. My Grandpa is very honest & never tell lies, except in the case of his snoring. He says he will never snore but he says my Grandma snores when she starts sleeping. But my Grandma says NO I will never snore. So I am forced to find out what is snoring? Also how to detect lies?


What is snoring?

A loose, weak tissue at the back of the mouth that collapses into the pharyngeal airway during sleep often causes snoring. This tissue vibrates as air is forced through the constricted airway, and causes the aggravating noise called snoring.

We snore only during sleep because only then the tissue is allowed to relax – this tissue relaxes progressively as we fall in sleep. That is why we usually don’t hear ourselves snore. Also, while lying down the tissue tends to collapse readily inside the airway. Some snore very loudly. They are born with physical characteristics such as jaw, mouth and airway structure that lend themselves to loud snoring. But outside factors can also lead to louder snoring. Having a few extra pounds is a common culprit. Alcohol consumption before bedtime is another.


Snoring can be the ‘fire alarm’ for more serious problems that just keeping others awake.

The main symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness. Statistics show that many traffic accidents are caused by this problem. So not only do we hurt ourselves, but also we can inadvertently hurt others.

Surgery can significantly reduce snoring. One complication from surgery is that although the snoring is gone, a person can still develop what is called silent apnea. No longer is the cardinal sign of apnea, snoring, present. This can complicate further diagnosis.

People with over weight tend to snore because extra weight tends to create excess, redundant tissue around the airway in some individuals. Also, the additional body mass around the jaw and throat area adds extra weight on the air passage. This is especially so while lying down.

Snoring afflicts millions of people. It can also be traced to enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Adenoids are lymphoid tissues at the back of the throat, which usually shrink and disappear by adolescence. Enlargement of the tissue, however, is common in children and may interfere with breathing. Symptoms of enlarged adenoids include a nasal voice, persistent breathing through the mouth, snoring and restless sleep.

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