Improve your Brain Power

My Grandpa presented to me a book namely “Maximize your Brain Power" a practical guide to stretching your mind. It is a Readers Digest publication. It was a bit tough for me. But I understood one thing clearly that I am not utilizing my brainpower fully. Don’t you think you are utilizing your brainpower fully? Before answering the question please read this passage quoted below.

Can you read 25000 WORDS PER MINUTE?


A matter of technique

Normally, a person can read only about 240 words per minute. However, some schools offer courses in speed–reading or ‘photo-reading’, a technique whereby anyone can supposedly increase their reading capacity to about 25,000 words per minute.

What's the best processor available today? Is it the computer that enables you to view this page and edit documents? No. That would be our brains. Now imagine if we have the ability to harness its full power. In these courses, participants learn how to make use of the entire brain during the reading process – normally, only the left side of the brain is used. A person who masters the technique properly can ‘photograph’ the entire printed page in his or her mind, improving the intake of information.


Stop ‘speaking’

Learning speed-reading takes time, and not everyone is successful. You can also increase your reading speed 10 to 40 times without taking a speed-reading course. You will notice a vast improvement if you don’t say each word in your mind as you read. This makes your brainwork harder, preventing it from doing other thing. You can avoid this in the following way: move your index finger along the lines and follow the finger with your eyes.

Now we know the answer. This portion is taken from Part 1. Perception.

Eyes, ears, nose and skin: these are the main sensory organs that human beings use to perceive and interpret the world. But let’s be honest, how many of us go through each day with our senses on full alert at all times? And yet it is a simple matter to sharpen your perception skills. Whether in a concert hall, a restaurant, in the great outdoors or while on a holiday-new experiences await you at every turn. And if you make good use of your senses, you will discover a whole world of new associations, allowing you to get the best out of each and every situation.
What goes on in the brain when you solve a difficult puzzle? Is it true that intelligent people generally achieve more in life? And what does ‘being creative’ really mean?
Conversation can sometimes be a risky affair, especially it is difficult to assess the character of the person you are talking to. By developing calmness, self-confidence and sensitivity, you can build bridges to personal success and fulfillment in life.
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