I was bit nervous while I sing a song in connection with the send off function of our school teacher. As usual my Grandpa suggested to read, Maximise your brainpower, (Reader’s Digest Publication). Yes, I feel the following portion is useful for many of my friends and hence copying it down: -

Musicians have to deal with a lot of pressure. It is only natural to be a little nervous before a musical performance. However, too much nervousness can turn into stage fright and have a paralysing effect on the ability to play.


Excitement spurs us on
A little nervousness before a performance can be helpful. After all, it is important to anticipate the coming test. It means that practice becomes more frequent and more concentrated so that the musical performance can be perfect.

Good planning
If you suffer from stage fright, try to counter your fear by considering every thing with a clear head. What goals do you want to have achieved by what time? What is the best way for you to plan your time? During practice sessions, pay particular to the weak points of your performance. Try to eliminate fluctuations in tempo, mistakes or a lack of dynamics. You will feel that you have achieved something after each hour of practice.

Gaining self-confidence
Have you made the best use of your preparation time? Then you should be conscious of having prepared well and having done everything in order to perform with style and flair. It might be helpful to practice the impending situation in an informal setting. Ask family members or friends to attend a final rehearsal.

Mental training rather than medication
If you find your nervousness unbearable or if you feel that you are become panicky, make a conscious effort to fight those feelings – for example, with the help of autogenic training. Don’t resort to tranquillisers. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for both mind and body.

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