My mother frequently reminds me ‘eat more vegetables’ especially when chicken is served in different Chinese preparations, because it is my favorite food. She says vegetables are good for skin, eyes, stomach and brain. When I read the passage ‘Food for the brain’ from the book ‘Maximise your brain power’, I realized that all mothers around the world whether she is in India, U S A, U K or U A E has same views about the child food.


Your mother was right when she told you to eat all your vegetables. The enormous feats, which the brain performs on a daily basis, require an optimum supply of many nutrients.

If you don’t obtain a good supply of nutrients from your diet, this will have consequences for your thought processes and emotional well-being.

Glucose for energy
Even though the brain amounts to only 2 percent of our body mass, it uses up 20 percent of the body’s available energy – almost all of which comes in the form of glucose. This is true even when the body is at rest. In order to ensure that the brain has an adequate supply of glucose, your diet should contain as many complex carbohydrates as possible. Rice, bread, whole meal products and potatoes are probably the best sources, and should make up about 40 percent about your diet.

A whole series of vitamin supports the body’s metabolism, which is essential for the normal operation of the brain cells. If the little helpers are not on the job you will suffer from a lack of concentration, forgetfulness, tiredness and depression.

Vitamin C, for example, is now known as the ‘thinking vitamin’. It has been established in tests that the IQ of people with high levels of vitamin C in their bodies was higher than those with higher values. A kiwi fruit or a glass of fresh grapefruit juice provides a sufficient supply of vitamin C to last you through the day. Because vitamin C is water-soluble, your body cannot store it, so it is important to maintain your daily dose.

The B vitamins, especially vitamin B12 which is found in high concentration in animal liver or in eggs, are good for the nerves. Folic acid is reputed to guarantee desire and a zest for life, and it is also found in liver and eggs.

Minerals and trace elements
These perform vital functions by aiding the electrical transmission of nerve messages and in supplying nerve cells. Calcium potassium and sodium are among the most important minerals. A mineral deficiency, particularly in these three, will lead to a decline in performance.

The trace element iron is indispensable for the supply of oxygen to the brain. If iron is missing, you become tired and listless, and your concentration diminishes.

What can you do?
A balanced and varied diet of freshly prepared food is the best insurance against vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Many doctors now recommended vitamin supplements, especially of vitamin C and the B vitamins. If you suspect your diet is not giving sufficient nutrients, talk to a nutritionist. Only an expert can ascertain your nutrient level and recommend steps to remedy it.

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