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English Grammar - 8th Grade - 1st Terminal exam


1. One word is wrong in every line. Find out the error and correct it.

Taj Mahal was build by Shajahan in
Memory of her wife Construction began
in 1632 and was complete in 1653
The architect was Isa Khan, who is from

2. Rearrange these words to form meaningful sentences.

1. and/crown/of/character/the/glory/life/is

2. gossips/not/wasted/time/in/idle/should/be

3. elders/and/obey/should/children/respect/to/their/learn

4. wrong/you/courage/are/the/to/it/have/admit/if

5. was/raining/night/last/heavily/it

3. Combine the following sentences using `too – to’ or enough

The roof is very high. I cannot reach it.
She is audible. Everyone could hear her.

Complete the dialogue using elliptical forms of expression

Ben: I didn’t come to tution class yesterday.
Ken: _________________ I had fever.
Ben: I should find out what had happened in the tution class yesterday.
Ken: _

5. Insert the missing word.
A word is missing in each line in the following paragraph. Fill in with the correct missing word.

Yesterday, I got up very late the morning
I missed bus and reached the school
very late. My sir allow me to
get inside my class. I stood outside the
whole day. I am told bring my
father to school I wanted to enter
the class.

6. Your aunt had visited you and asked some questions. The questions are given below. Report these questions to your classmate.

1. Which school do you go to?
2. Which class do you study in?
3. How many children are there in your class?
4. Which teacher teaches you mathematics?
5. Who is your best friend?

7. Complete the following dialogue
Teacher: Pooja, did you do your assignment?
Pooja: ______________________________
Teacher: You can definitely come to me ___________________

8. A sentence that describes about the past is given below. Add a sentence to describe when they happened. Use the past perfect continuous tense and make a sentence using the hint given in the brackets.

1. He danced well for the function {practicing, for three weeks}

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