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Social Science - 8th Grade - 1st Terminal exam


1. Name the following
1.The scale, which is used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake.
2. The surroundings of an organism in which the organisms live and interact with each other.
3. The first rock from which the rock is formed.
4.The wise use of natural resources avoiding misuse and wastage.
5.The place on the surface of the earth directly above the focus or hypocenter.

2. Match the following
1. Louis XVI 1. Board of control
2. Battle of Plassey 2. Wellesley
3. Renaissance 3. 1757
4. Pitts’s India Act 4. Vascoda Gama
5.Subsidiary Alliance 5. King of France

3. Give a brief account on
3.Land use patterns
4.permanent settlement
5.doctrine of lapse

4. Answer the following
1. What do you mean by multi-hazard zone?
2. Write any 4 factors controlling soil formation.
3. When does a hazard transform into a disaster?
4. The proportion of land put to different uses varies from one region to the other region. What are the factors that influence the land use pattern of a country?
5. Why is consumption of the natural resources is higher in developed countries than developing countries?

5. In an outline map of India mark the following places
Fort William
Fort St. George

6. Explain
1.Which was the agreement signed after the Battle of Buxar? Who all signed this agreement?
2.What should we do and not do during an event of an earthquake?
3.Name the act of 1773? What were the drawbacks of the same?
4.The English East India Company has installed Mir-Quasim as the Nawab of
Bengal. Why did they turn against him?
5.By the end of the 18th century all the indigenous industries in India declined. List down the main reasons for it.
6.Which was the policy followed by Dalhousie to extend the British Empire in India? How he applied the policy towards Indian rulers?

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