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Science - 8th Grade - 1st Terminal exam

1. Which color bends the least when light passes through a prism?

2. How is a rainbow formed?

3. Define principal focus of a convex lens using a diagram.

4. Mention for which position of object does convex lens forms an image of the
same size? Is the image real or virtual in this case?

5. Find the refractive index of diamond if light travels in it with a speed of 1.2 x 108 m/s. {speed of light in vacuum is 3 x 108 m/s}

6. Name the component of sunlight which
1. Gets absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere
2. Produces sensation of heat

1. Name the following
· An example of rod shaped bacteria
· The Largest cell organelle found in plant cell
· The Spreader of malaria
· The other name for blue-green algae
· The Outer most layer of the plant cell
· Protozoan which causes sleeping sickness
· Scientist who observed bacteria for the first time

2. State reasons
1. Fruit juices get spoilt after sometime
2. Diatoms can remain for longer as fossils
3. Blue-green algae is used in the barren fields
4. Antibiotic have no affect on viruses

3. Differentiate between
1. Bacterial cell and animal cell
2. Chemotrophic bacteria and parasitic bacteria

1. Write the formula of the following compounds
1. Sodium sulphate
2. Aluminium Sulphate

2. What is an alloy? Give two examples

3. What is meant by corossion? How can galvanisiation prevent corrosion?

4. What is a balanced chemical equation?

5. Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions
1. Burning of magnesium ribbon in carbon dioxide produces magnesium oxide and carbon
2. Calcium carbonate on reacting gives calcium oxide and carbon dioxide

6. Define the following
1. `An ore’
2. `Mass number’ of an element

7. Name two metalloids

8. What is meant by malleability? Name a malleable metal

9. What are the components of bronze?

10. Atomic number of an element is 79. Mass number is 197. find the number of protons and neutrons in the atom.

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