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Maths - 8th Grade - 1st Terminal exam


1. A senior officer wishing to arrange his men, who were 335250 in number in form of a square, found that there were nine men left over. How many were in each row?

2. Find the cube root of –12326391 by prime number factorization method.

3. Evaluate (5 [ 8 1/3 + 27 1/3 ]3 ) ¼

4. Find the square of 286 using diagonal method.

5. PQRS is a parallelogram in which <A = (4x –15 )0 and <B = (5x –3)0. Find the measure of all angles of the parallelogram.

6. Solve 22x+5 = 128.

7. Find the value of

(32)-1/5 x (1296)-1/4 x (729)1/6
(512)-1/3 x (64)1/6 x (9)–1/2

8. What is the smallest number with which 315375 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect cube? Find the cube root of the perfect square obtained.

9. The ratio of two adjacent sides of a parallelogram is 2:5 and its perimeter is 56m. Find the measure of the lengths of its adjacent sides.

10. Draw a line segment PQ of length 7.5cm and divide it into 3 equal parts. Write the steps of construction.

11. By what number should (121)-7/8 be divided to get (1331)3/4?

12. Find the greatest number of 6 digits, which is a perfect square.

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