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COMPUTER - 8th Grade - 1st Terminal exam

1. State true or false
1. You can create a shortcut of the file you have created on the desktop.
2. To delete the selected objects press ALT key.
3. You can use a picture as a slide background.
4. In slide view, you can see miniature slides of the presentation on the screen.
5. Text in the slide can be animated.

2. Fill in the blanks
· The extension for a Power Point presentation file is ___________.
· ____________ are dotted rectangular boxes that can contain text, table, chart etc.
· To select more than one object hold down the _________ key.
· ________________ begins with a presentation, which contains content and design.
· Power Point has __________ preformatted slides called Auto Layouts.

3. Answer the following questions
1. What are rules for naming a file?
2. How can you reposition a text box?
3. Write the steps for adding a new text box in a slide?
4. What are the different ways of viewing a presentation?
5. What is meant by slide transition?
6. What are the different ways to start a slide show?
7. What are the different purposes for which we can use slide sorter view?
8. What does grouping an object mean?
9. Write the steps for adding a new text box in a slide?
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