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Science - 7th Grade - 1st Terminal exam

I. Fill in the Blanks
1. Sea breeze occurs during _________

2. Wind currents are generated due to the __________________ on the earth

3. Air moves from the region of ___________ pressure to a region of ___________ pressure

4. Heat is transferred in liquids and gases by the process of ____________.

II. State reasons
1. Smoke always rises up

2. Steel pans are provided with copper bottoms

3. When air is blown over a paper strip, it lifts up

4. A hot utensil kept away from the flame cools down.

III. With the help of any two activities show that air exerts pressure.

IV. Answer the following questions
1. Why do we prefer woolen clothes in winter?

2. Write any two similarities and differences between a clinical and a laboratory thermometer.


I. Name the following

1. The largest gland in human body

2. Piercing and tearing teeth
3. The bacteria which is present in the roots of leguminous plants

4. The part of stomach where the swallowed grass is stored in cud chewing animals

II. State Reasons
1. Humans cannot digest cellulose

2. Intestinal juice is very important for digestion

III. Define
1. Absorption

IV. Differentiate between saprotrophic mode of nutrition and parasitic mode of nutrition

V. Draw and mark the digestive system of humans

VI. Write the functions of
Hydrochloric acid

VII. Explain the process of digestion in amoeba

. Fill in the blanks
1. ___________ soil retains more water

2. Photosynthesis is a _____________ change

3.The mixture of ____________ and __________ is soil.

II. Answer the following
1. What is rust? Write the chemical equation for the formation of rust

2. What is soil pollution? How can it be prevented?

3. A soil sample takes 12 minutes to percolate 648ml of water. Find its percolation rate

4. When liquefied petroleum gas burns, physical and chemical changes take place. Which are these changes and explain?

5. Draw and label the horizons in the soil profile

III. State reasons
1. A hissing sound is heard when baking sods is added to vinegar

2. The soil good for grooving cotton is sandy-loam

3.On hot summer days the air above the soil seems to shimmer

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