Solving 89-75+47 divided by 67 multiplied by 4678 within seconds may not be child's play. But what if it is? Yes, it is a simple task for tiny tots who have trained their brains through Brain Gym and with the use of abacus. It was a feast for the eyes as 4,000 students from 19 states left the media and Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu stunned with their ability. Children in the age group of 6 to 12 years participated in a national competition of solving mathematical problems at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). Read More

The event was organised by SIP Academy India Private Limited, the Indian branch of a Malaysia-based company that helps children unleash their mental potential with values and skills.

The national Abacus, Brain Gym & Mental Arithmetic Competition was held in Hydrebad on Saturday November 11th 2006.
NATIONAL SIP ABACUS COMPETITION,Hyderabad International Convention Centre
WHIZ KIDS: School children participating in the biggest ever National Competition on Abacus and Brain Gym in Hyderabad on Saturday November 11th 2006.
 WHIZ KIDS: Schoolchildren participating in the biggest ever National Competition on Abacus and Brain Gym in Hyderabad on Saturday.
Naidu floored

Speaking at the inauguration of the competition, Mr. Naidu said, "I have been to many events in my political life, but have not seen such an event. I saw a child who solved 125 problems within three minutes. I have invited the organisers to come and visit me so that such exercises can be useful for politicians and others too."

Encouraging the students, Mr. Naidu said that each child present at the competition was a computer unto himself. He added that with the entire world looking towards India in the field of information technology and sciences, the future was only for India and of the children. There are seven lakh children receiving training in SIP Academy across 1,400 centres in the world. The Indian branch took off four years back and already boasts of 20,000 students. It has 320 centres in India and around 36 centres in Andhra Pradesh.

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